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It is the champion's creed. Still, every success story is full of trials and adversity before the final victory. All great revolutions and innovations started as raw concepts with little more than potential. It is only through the process of steadfast trial and error that the idea can be refined and eventually realized. That is the spirit of "Refuse to Follow."

We are not content to merely reproduce technology that has already been proven. Refusing to walk the well traveled path means being the pioneer and not just a colonist. The discoverer rather than the tourist. That may mean abandoning proven technology for that raw, unexplored idea, but we will take that over the status quo any day. And when the idea becomes a reality, we're committed to delivering it.

After all, it is your support and passion for bowhunting that drives us. We are deeply motivated by your suggestions and continued enthusiasm, and we want to honor you in return. So we push every envelope. We question every standard. And to those that say we can't... their doubt just fuels the fire.

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