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Nikon Monarch African from Nikon Sport Optics

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Africa has long been a continent of dreams and danger for hunters around the world. For those seeking their adventure on the Dark Continent, Nikon has a new riflescope series that is more than ready for the hunt.

Three riflescopes—all with ultra wide fields of view— make up the new Monarch African Series from–a one-inch tube 1-4x20mm and two 30mm tube 1.1-4x24mm models. Each scope features Nikon’s fully multicoated optics to provide crystal clear viewing and a power range designed to handle fast shots with dangerous game.

“In a dangerous game situation the hunt can turn from lazy to deadly in less than a second,” said Jon LaCorte, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Nikon Sport Optics. “And that’s when you will really appreciate every feature we built into our African Series of riflescopes.”

Hard charging game requires hard hitting rifles and Nikon’s four full inches of eye relief will keep all the pain on the barrel end. The lower power range keeps shooters on target in fast, “both eyes open” situations. The easy, light to handle 20mm and 24mm objectives combine with Nikon’s durability to carry the rifle without worry.


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